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  • Ariza

Ariza is a bio-fertilizer which contain mycorrhiza fungus in powder form. We formulated Ariza by using all form of mycorrhiza i.e spore, mycelium and root particle with vesical in single formulation. Ariza contain both acto and endo spore of mycorrhiza.

Mode of action of Ariza

After application near root zone, spore available from Ariza get activated and make symbiotic association with plant root. Here VAM ( Vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza ) grow extra as well as intra cellularly. These association of mycorrhiza and root provide mutual benefits to each other. Mycorrhiza gets sugar from plant root and as a reward mycorrhiza help in the greater absorption of phosphorus, water and other important macro and essential micro elements and making them available to the plants in easily usable form. Beside they are also report to impart resistance to the plants against drought.


Ariza Benefits:

  • Help plant to get nutrients, water easily
  • Provide support to plant at the time of drought
  • Develop extra root system (tertiary root system) so increase area of nutrient and water absorption
  • Increase fertilizer use efficiency
  • Provide more stability to plant

Crop Benefited:

Can be used in any crop like cereals, pulse, vegetables, tuber, fiber, ornamental, oil seeds and fruit crops but it cannot be used in cruciferous plants.


Dose and Method of application:

Dose: 200 gm / acre

Soil application

1. 200 gm Ariza to be first mix with well decompose organic fertilizer or vermiculite or forest soil than broadcast near rootzone. After application irrigate the field.

2. Add Ariza along or with any bio-fertilizer into 200 litre water and then apply it via drip or drenching method.

Seed Treatment

100 to 200 gm of Ariza first to be mix with sufficient water required to be cover one-acre seeds. As slurry prepared, coat seed with it, dry them in shade and sow it as per crop recommendation.

Pot application

5 to 10 gm Ariza mix with 10 kg potting media

Packing available: 100 gm

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