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  • Nutrimine- Spray

BBEL Nutrimine-Spray is a liquid formulation contains essential trace element (micronutrient) that ensure balance nutrition for growth and development of various crop. Bharat Bio Gas Energy Ltd. developed Nurtimine-Spray by using state of art technology for delivering various fertilizer element with maximum bioavailability, tolerability and safety. Nutrimine-Spray is compatible with a wide range of insecticide, fungicide and herbicide.


Product Advantage:

Regular use of BBEL Nutrimine-Spray ensure luxurious growth of plant and help to overcome micronutrient deficiency related problems.


  • Essential for the transformation of carbohydrates
  • Part of plant growth regulating enzyme system
  • Promotes seed development

Iron :

  • Essential for formation of chlorophyll
  • Present in several important enzymes

Manganese :

  • Function with enzyme system involve in breakdown of carbohydrate
  • Used in nitrogen metabolism
  • Activate various enzymes necessary in photosynthesis

Copper :

  • Important for reproductive growth
  • Aids in root metabolism and help in the utilization of protein
  • Important in photo synthesis and carbohydrate metabolism

Boron :

  • Boron is critical for reproduction and it is a calcium synergist.
  • Aid production of sugar and carbohydrate
  • Essential for seed and fruit development
  • Essential for cell division and development

General Recommendation:

Tank Mix-

Take 200 lit clean water and add one (1) litre BBEL Nutrimine-Spray in it. Mix it properly by starring it with any rod. These is sufficient for one-acre spray.

Pump Mix-

Take 50 to 75 ml of BBEL Nutrimine-Spray in pump and add 14 to 15 litre water. Shake it well. Than effectively cover whole foliage by proper spraying.

Dose 2-3 Liter per Acre

Packing Available: 1 lit, 5 lit, 10 lit

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