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  • Lush

BBEL Lush is a dark brown liquid formulation prepared by using advance multi stage mixing -fermentation - hydrolysis technology. Its unique formula combines specific growth promoting organically chelated trace element, natural kelp extract, essential amino acid in combination with fluvic and humic acid.Bharat Bio Gas Energy Ltd.developed Lush by using state of art technology for delivering various growth promoting element with maximum bioavailability, tolerability and safety. Lush is compatible with a wide range of insecticide, fungicide and herbicide.


Product Advantage:

After application various growth promoting and plant health improving element penetrate in plant system via stomata. It makes positive change in plant internal system by providing useful essential element along with plant immune system improving molecules. Regular use of BBEL Lush ensure luxurious growth, increase in flowering and fruit setting.


General Recommendation:

Tank Mix-

Take 200 lit clean water and add one (1) litre BBEL Nutrimine-Spray in it. Mix it properly by starring it with any rod. These is sufficient for one-acre spray.

Pump Mix-

Take 50 to 75 ml of BBEL Nutrimine-Spray in pump and add 14 to 15 litre water. Shake it well. Than effectively cover whole foliage by proper spraying.


Protein Hydrolysate based material: 20 %

Kelp-Humic-Fluvic acid based material: 4 %

Water based carrier to make 100 % QS

Dose 1-2 Liter per Acre

Packing Available:1 litre

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