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  • Sundar - N

Bharat Bio Gas Energy Ltd has develop a unique formulation of nitrogen fixing bacteria in liquid form by using advance sophisticated production technology. Sundar-N contains microbes meant to provide N supplement to plant and soil. Our production & processing technology makes Sundar-N more viable and trustful in present market.

Sundar-N contain high concentration spores of nitrogen fixing microbes in dormant stage and it proliferate quickly after being applied in to the field.


Mode of Action:

Microbes present in Sundar-N after being activated and during multiplication release various enzymes and organic acids which convert atmospheric nitrogen (N2) and even amide form of nitrogen available from chemical fertilizer in to plant available nitrogen form i.e. nitrate (NO3). By these it helps plant by providing one of the primary nutrient in ready available form. These boost up plant vigour which ultimately results in bumper crop yield.


Product Advantage

  • Fix at lease up to 20 to 40 kg atmospheric nitrogen in soil and by these helps to reduce the amount of synthetic nitrogenous fertilizer application
  • Help to fully utilize chemical fertilizer by acting as a catalyst (by enzyme secretion) during conversion of available nitrogen from to required nitrogen from for plant
  • It help to increases the crop yield
  • Help to increases natural soil biomass and there by improve soil health
  • Improve plant vigor, plant health etc.

Dose : 250 ml per Acre - Soil Application

Available Packing : 250 ml 1 liter

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