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  • Sundar - P

Bharat Bio Gas Energy Ltd has develop a unique formulation of nitrogen fixing bacteria in liquid form by using advance sophisticated production technology. Sundar-P contains microbes meant to provide P supplement to plant and soil. Our production & processing technology makes Sundar-P more viable and trustful in present market.

Sundar-P contain high concentration spores of nitrogen fixing microbes in dormant stage and it proliferate quickly after being applied in to the field.


Made Of Action:

Microbes present in Sundar-P after being activated and during multiplication release various enzymes and organic acids which convert Unvailable form of phosphorus being present in soil year or added 40 to 50% after each application of chemical phosphorus fertilizer, in to plant available phosphorus form i.e . H3Po3. By these it helps plant by providing one of the primary nutrient in ready available form. These boost up plant vigour which ultimately results in bumper crop yield.


Product Advantage :

  • Save up to 50 % application of phosphatic chemical fertilizer
  • Add up to 10-15 kg phosphorus per hectare per year
  • Reduce soil erosion
  • During solubilization of phosphorus, liberate various micronutrient which can be use full for plant as a food
  • Improve plant vigor, plant health etc.
  • Increase beneficial soil biomass
  • Improve soil texture and soil fertilely
  • It help to increases the crop yield

Dose: 250 ml per Acre - Soil Application

Available packing: 250 ml / 1 Liter

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