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Sundar Organic is manufacture by India’s largest biogas-CNG plant by utilizing biogas slurry. It is pure organic fertilizer as its special production technique comprise first anaerobic then aerobic composting method. By these types of composting technique all organic material gets fully decompose and uniformity of end product increases many fold.

Due to duel type of composting process (i.e. anaerobic and aerobic) high temperature generate these led to destruction of all weed seeds, harmful fungus, bacterial and other microbes.


After material gets fully decompose we do enrichment of Sudar Organic with

  • various plant growth promoter like Azatobacter (nitrogen fixer), PSB (phosphate solubilizer) , potash and micronutrient mobilizer etc.
  • various plant protector like Trichoderma, pseudomonas, bacillus, peacilomysis etc.
  • various organic extract like seaweed, humic and fluvic acids

these makes Sudar Organic a very rich compost with high organic carbon and useful microbes.


Benefits of Sundar Organic

  • Rich source of primary, secondary and trace element
  • Reduce addition of harmful chemical fertilizers
  • Prepared by duel composting technic so no weed seed and no harmful microbes
  • Rich source of soil biomass food- more organic carbon lead to increase soil bio mass
  • Help to improve soil fertility
  • Reduce salt and help to balance soil pH
  • Activate soil rhizosphere by improving soil physical, chemical and biological properties
  • Add plenty of beatifical microbes in soil- these improve crop yield
  • Add natural humus as well as plant growth promoting molecules in the form of sea weed, humic and fulvic acid
  • Encourage white root formation, so plant can take more food and water from soil solution.
  • Make soil more porous and also improve soil water holding capacity

Lab tested Parameter:

Color Black
Order absent
Total Nitrogen 4.71
Total Phosphates 2.24
Total Potash 1.52
Moisture 21.11
pH 6.8
OC 38.37
C: N Ratio 13.75: 1

Dose: 3 to 5 bags per Acre

Available packing: 25 KG Bag

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