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  • Rapido

Rapido is a brown liquid with a high source of concentrated plant growth promoter molecules, complexed with organic acid and carbohydrates. It is developed by using advance hot and cold process.

It is a natural source of multi element required for healthy growth and development of plants. Its unique formulation makes it easy to penetrate plant system through stomata.


Benefits of Rapido

  • Influences mineral uptake from soil.
  • Increases permeability to water and solutions and enhances capacity to retain moisture.
  • Supports the actions of natural enzymes and hormones in the plant.
  • Increases the rate of photosynthesis.
  • Enhances synthesis of proteins.
  • Promotes flower buds.
  • Promotes more tillering and branching.
  • Reduces leaf drop, flower and fruit drop.
  • Increases crop height.
  • Increases root mass and length.
  • Promotes earlier maturity.

Repido promotes opening of stomata, so in case of low light intensity increase photosynthesis. These lead to promotes flowering and fruit setting and reduce dropping.

General Recommendation:

Pump Mix-

Take 2 ml of Rapido( 2 drop/litre) in pump and add 14 to 15 litre water. Shake it well. Than effectively cover whole foliage by proper spraying.

Packing Available: 15 ml, 30 ml & 50 ml.

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